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Inkpulse studios are one of the biggest tattoo shop in chennai. We have four experienced artists catering to all types of tattoos in chennai. We have tattooed many foreign clients and as we maintain international standards for quality and safety, they become our regulars and refer new customers.we have branch in both chennai and coimbatore.

70% of Inkpulse business is based on our customers marketing our work by word of mouth. We have our customers coming back to us for more tattoos, for the hygiene and quality of work exhibited for a reasonable price. Tattoos are charged based on the design and size.

We make sure that the price you pay for the tattoo is justified. Inkpulse also conducts apprenticeship programs for tattooing, if you want to learn tattooing and take it up as a profession, please do contact us and we shall help you out with the same.

InkPulse is a prominent Tattoo parlour in Chennai that caters to all styles of tattoos ranging from Traditional to tribal, geometric to script and everything in between. ...Our tattoo artists can accommodate for all your individual needs. Whichever tattoo you are looking for, we will provide the best impartial advice so that you feel 100% confident that you have taken the right decision only.

As a Tattoo studio in Chennai, we do fathom that getting a tattoo for yourself is a very big matter/ decision and we ascertain to provide the best advice based on our years of experience to make sure you get it right.

Our ambitious artists feature a wide selection of fresh and creative tattoo designs ready to go. They infuse an amalgamation of calmness and innovation, and they are one of Chennai's top tattooers who are the best in their profession. Moreover, our cordial and polite reception staff will make sure you feel right at home from your first visit. InkPulse is the best option if you are looking to get tattooed in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

So the next time if you wonder "Which are the best Tattoo Shops Near Me ?", then make sure to make a booking now and get an appointment with InkPulse which is the number one and the best tattoo centre in Chennai.

tattoos in chennai

  • Permanent tattoos

  • Body Piercing

  • Tattoo Training

  • Inkpulse Apprenticeship

  • Consultation and setup help for those willing to start their own tattoo studio

  • Tattoo workshops/seminars
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tattoos in chennai
tattoos in chennai
tattoos in chennai
tattoos in chennai
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