How To Recognize a Good Tattoo Artist?

Tattoos have become more popular than ever. People are not prejudiced against tattoos like in the earlier days and accept it as any other art form that enables people to express themselves.

But with growing popularity, several tattoo artists are popping up everywhere, claiming to offer the best tattoo designs. As a consumer, it might be difficult to choose the right tattoo artist in Chennai that can fulfill your needs. Here is how you can recognize good tattoo artists that can cater to your distinct needs.

Tattoo Artist Style

There are tattoo artists who are comfortable with any kind of tattoo style, which ideally is the best pick for you. But if you want a specific style then you can go for a tattoo artist who specializes in that style of tattoo.

Nothing is wrong with both approaches but make sure that they deliver what they have promised by checking previous works. No one wants to get tattoos from “know it all tattoo artists” who actually do not know what they are doing.


It is better to look for tattoo shops in Chennai that have reasonable prices for tattoo work. It is best to stay away from tattoo parlours that charge very low prices because the quality and credibility may have been compromised for that price. Hence, always make sure if the tattoo artists are pricing for what they offer.

Online Information

It is fine to have a tattoo business without being active online. But it is important to provide at least basic information about the tattoo shop, the timings, address, and some kind of portfolio. It is better not to go to tattoo studios that barely have any information online because it looks unprofessional. It is not compulsory to have a website but a business listing, basic portfolio, or at least social media presence is needed to seem credible and trustworthy. Hence, choose the tattoo studio in Chennai that provides basic information about their work.


When meeting a tattoo artist for the first time, you do not have to choose them immediately. Always make sure to analyze the environment and how the tattoo artists interact with you. It says a lot about their professionalism. Moreover, always check whether your artist is certified and licensed to perform his job. A good tattoo artist does not get offended, they will clear all your doubts.

Artists Do Not Force You

When choosing the tattoo designs, a good tattoo artist will support you and suggest what might be the best tattoo design based on your taste. Never trust someone who specifically pushes you to get a particular design because it might mean they only know to tattoo that design. And, might not be confident enough to tattoo a design you are interested in. Hence, keep this in mind before going to a tattoo centre in Chennai.

In conclusion, tattoos are permanent. So, never be ashamed to ask or research your tattoo artists before going all in. Take your time and choose the best tattoo shop that caters to your style. If you are looking for well-reputed and professional tattoo artists in Chennai, then reach out to Inkpulse for great tattoo designs.

Tattoo Trends That Will Dominate in 2022

Tattoo School

2021 already came to an end, and we saw several tattoo designs flourish in that year. As we are reminiscing the tattoo styles and trends of the previous years, let’s also look forward to what’s coming.

Tattoo art has come a long way in the past two decades. Most people have been more open to tattoos and appreciate them as a credible art form. The intention of getting a tattoo may be different for everyone, but the previous prejudiced views on body art have definitely changed drastically. We even have several tattoo shops in Chennai, making tattoos easily accessible to anyone.

Let’s see about the tattoo designs or trends that will dominate in 2022.

Micro Tattoos/ Micro Realism

Tools and equipment used for a tattoo have advanced in recent years. A fine needle is used for micro realism tattoos, allowing the tattoo artist to layer the lines to deliver a gradient photography-like effect. These tattoos are minimalistic, and it’s getting quite popular as a lot of celebrities are flaunting this style too.

Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos are becoming a new trend among tattoo enthusiasts nowadays. Some years ago, only die-hard tattoo lovers could get tattoos on knuckles or fingers. Nowadays, it has become a mainstream trend that everybody is loving.

Moreover, finger tattoos have an abundance of style and design choices, ranging from simple minimalist designs to intricate work that can cover your whole hand.

But, always remember to choose an experienced tattoo artist in Chennai for finger tattoos as the fingers are delicate and do not have muscles for protection.

The 90s Aesthetic

We are currently witnessing the return of 90s style fashion and makeup trends. From loose-fitted high-waisted jeans to velvet tops to bucket hats are in-fashion in the current times.

The same is happening with the tattoo styles. People prefer 90s aesthetic tattoos styles such as tribal design, Chinese letters, barbed wire tattoos, sun tattoos, favorite 90s cartoons styles, and more.

If you are a fan of 90s aesthetics, then find the right tattoo parlour in Chennai and just go for it.

Pop Culture Tattoos

Pop or popular culture can be explained as media, art forms, entertainment that is specially catered to the younger generation of homosapiens. These days pop culture icons, and references are a huge trend in the tattoo world. We are predicting they will still be popular in 2022 as well.

Some examples of pop culture tattoos are tattoos of your favorite fictional or non-fictional characters, tattoos of meme references, tattoos of your favorite icons, tv shows, movies, and many more.

These are some of the tattoo designs that will prevail in 2022. People do not have to worry much about the trends as they come and go, unlike your tattoo.

Hence, choose the tattoo designs that are right for you. But, if you choose to go by the trends, then you can definitely do that too.

Nevertheless, please choose an experienced tattoo shop in Chennai like Inkpulse. We (Inkpulse) have well-trained tattoo artists that deliver the best design for you. If you are interested in Inkpulse for your tattoo, then visit our website and contact us now.

How To Choose the Best Tattoo Artist Near Me?

There are several tattoo artists all around the world that we know of and love their work. But when it comes to finding the best tattoo artists in Chennai, many will not put much effort to check every detail.

We should acknowledge the fact that choosing the right tattoo artist means different things to different people. Some might have hygiene as their top priority, and for some designs and some people may only prefer vegan inks.

To make this choosing process easy, it is best to prioritize your needs and choose the one that satisfies all your tattoo necessities. We are also here to help you on how to choose a tattoo artist near your area and put things in a new perspective.

Look At Their Previous Works

Every tattoo shop in Chennai has portfolios of the tattoo works they have done. Hence, go online and explore all those portfolios and choose ones that are best suited for your vision and style. This way your tattoos will turn out excellent.

Word of Mouth Reviews

If you know someone in your area with amazing tattoos, then it is better to ask them about their tattoo experience and if it is worth it to go to that place. Nothing can really beat those “word of mouth reviews” from a person that has had tattoos before. In this way, you have the potential to find the right tattoo parlour in Chennai that caters to your needs.

Hygienic and Well-Maintained

It is extremely vital to look at the hygiene aspect before choosing the right place. Tattoo artists use tattoo guns to etch the design into your skin so there are high chances of infection. Hence, check if the spot you like follows all the protocols, standards, and maintains hygiene. Also, if the tattoo studio has a good aesthetic and tranquil ambiance, then it is a plus point.

Considerate Tattoo Artists

Nothing ruins your tattoo experience more than coming across an insensitive artist. Your tattoo might come or not come out great, but a rude tattoo artist will leave you with a bitter memory. Hence, make sure your tattoo place has amazing artists who are very considerate towards their customers and treat them with patience. You can research and read several online reviews to know more about your local tattoo studio in Chennai.

Consult Before Tattooing

Since we are talking about locally finding a tattoo artist, it is pretty easy to consult them directly before getting into the tattoo process. You can witness the tattoo parlour’s hygiene, discuss the design, see staff’s attitude, check prices, and observe the overall vibes. Now, it becomes easier to pick the ones right for you.

In summary, selecting the right tattoo artist is significant to enjoy the overall tattoo experience that you have been planning to get for years. If you are looking for a good tattoo studio in Chennai that has all the above-mentioned qualities, then reach out to Inkpulse for great tattoo designs at an affordable price.

How to Heal and Take Care of Your New Tattoo?

Tattoos are a meaningful way for people to express themselves, and they look beautiful on people’s bodies. But, we need to address the fact that tattoos require needles to make a permanent design on the skin.

Also, We need to understand that tattooing is not drawing on the top layer of the skin. It requires needles to ink the tattoo under the skin, so it is permanent. If you are keen to get a tattoo, you need to focus on healing and protecting the tattoo as well.

Now, half of the problem is solved by choosing the right Tattoo Studio in Chennai that is well-experienced and provides an informative guide to heal and take care of your tattoo. Hence, choose wisely!

Why Taking Care Of Your Tattoo is Important?

We cannot directly compare tattooing to medical procedures, but they do have similarities. For instance, in medical procedures, people are required to take care and put effort to heal their body after stitches or even a major surgical procedure.

Likewise, people need to take care of their new tattoos to not get infected or blistered after the tattoo process. If proper care is not given, then it takes more time for your tattoo to heal, and get infected easily. But, the first step of tattoo care is going to the right tattoo artist in Chennai who is well-versed in what they are doing.

Some Tips for Tattoo After-Care

Here are some of the tips to follow to heal your tattoo faster.

Tattoo Care in the First 24 Hours

The first 24 hours can be crucial for your tattoo care and for it to recover faster. Your professional tattoo artist will guide you in the right direction so, make sure to listen to them as all tattoos are different, and they might have more insights about it.

The tattoo artist will probably tie a plastic wrap around your tattoo. Now, you make sure to ask them when it’s ok to remove it. It is usually best to remove them after 2 hours.

Now after gently removing, wash with gentle soap, and apply alcohol-free and fragrance-free moisturizer. It is best to get a moisturizer/ointment recommendation from your tattooist, or else vaseline works fine.

General Tattoo After-Care Tips

Never Touch Your Tattoo With Unclean Hands

Our hands have been everywhere, and they carry bacteria if not properly washed. Hence, often touching your tattoos or allowing other people to touch your tattoos without washing hands can cause infections.

Wash Tattoo 2-4 Time a Day

It is best to wash your tattoo with gentle, and anti-bacterial soaps 2-4 times a day and pat dry gently with a clean towel.

Applying Ointment

It is significant to pick the best tattoo parlour in Chennai that will guide you properly on your after-care journey, like recommending moisturizers, ointments, and other after-care tips. If you are not applying an ointment you might have the urge to scratch the itch, which might damage your skin and cause infection.

Now after a few days, the tattooed skin gets better, and it is time to water down the routine and allow your tattoo to heal naturally. If you are facing problems even after all the after-care, it is highly recommended to consult your tattoo artist or visit the doctor if anything worsens.

These are some of the primary tattoo after-care tips to be followed for healthy healing. If you are looking for the best Tatto Artist in Chennai, then choose Inkpulse for the best tattoo experience.

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Tattoo

Are you going to get inked anytime soon? Are you afraid of needles? And do not know how to prepare for a tattoo session? Do not worry! You have come to the right place. In this blog, you can know everything about tattoos before getting one.

Tattooing is very subjective and means different things to different people. But one common thing about tattoo art is it is permanent. Hence, we should be careful before choosing the right designs, tattoo placements, and a good tattoo artist in Chennai to get your dream tattoo.

Here are some of the things that everyone should do before getting a tattoo to make your tattoo experience smooth and pleasant.

Deciding On the Tattoo Designs

Choosing a tattoo design is an obvious thing. But what people should remember is that your tattoo is permanent. Even though there is an option to remove your tattoo, it is wise to choose at the beginning itself. Moreover, tattoo removal can be painful and expensive.

Therefore, analyzing and selecting the best tattoo designs with the best tattoo studio in Chennai is necessary.

Pain Tolerance

If you are a person who has extremely low pain tolerance and is scared of needles, then it is better to get a tattoo in the less painful areas of your body. It basically means these body parts have fewer nerve endings, so the tattoo process is less painful. Some of the body parts that pains less are

  • Shoulders
  • Inner and outer biceps
  • Back
  • Outer thigh area and more.

It is best to avoid extremely painful areas if you are getting your first tattoo or have low pain tolerance.

Avoid Certain Things Before Getting a Tattoo

Your tattoo experience will be pleasant and hassle-free if you avoid doing certain things before getting a tattoo. You have to avoid drinking alcohol, razor cuts, not maintaining proper hygiene, certain over-the-counter tablets, and even severe sunburns should be avoided.

Things One Can Do Before Getting a Tattoo

Apart from avoiding the above-mentioned things, you can follow some tips and tricks daily for your big tattoo day. Here are some

  • First off, listen to the advice of your tattoo artist.
  • Keep your skin hygienic and shaved but make sure there are no razor cuts.
  • Keep your skin moisturized leading up to the tattoo day but do not apply moisturizer right before your tattoo session.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • It is completely fine to be scared or nervous, so choose the most comfortable tattoo shop in Chennai for you.

Last but not least- Picking the Right Tattoo Parlour

Getting a tattoo requires before-care and after-care. Hence, choose the best tattoo parlor in Chennai like Inkpulse, where experts not only provide the best tattoo experience but also give major importance to before and after-care.

Make sure your tattoo parlor consists of well-experienced artists, maintains proper hygiene, has high-standard equipment, and is professional with customers. Bonus points if they guide and educate first-timers for a better tattoo experience. You can get all these from Inkpulse. Reach out to us now for more details or simply check out our website!

Top 10 Popular Ideas for Couple Tattoos

There are several ways to express your love to your partner in these modern times like buying flowers, going on dates and spending on trips and so on. All these are great ways but getting matching couple tattoos is one of the wholesome ways to express your love and appreciation.

Tattoos are permanent, and hence they hold a special meaning for the couples who get them. Moreover, tattoos constantly remind couples of their togetherness. If you are looking for tattoo ideas to get with your partner, then this blog is for you. Here are some of the popular couple tattoo ideas to choose from.

Before getting into the topic, customers need to understand that choosing the right tattoo artist in Chennai is necessary for a neat, precise, and hygienic tattoo experience.

Here we go.

Heart Symbols

What more screams love than good old heart symbols, right? Hearts have been a staple symbol to express love, be it on cards, birthday cakes, or balloons. There are thousands of tattoo designs based on this symbol, and customizations are always welcome.


Crowns are one of the most popular types of couple tattoos. They are elegant and represent strength. Hence, crown tattoos are perfect for couples. So, choose the best tattoo shop in Chennai to get your crown tattoo.

Ring Tattoos

Rings have always been a couple-thing, and nowadays, people also get ring tattoos on their ring fingers to show their love and admiration to their partners. Ring tattoos have been quite popular these days.


Getting each other’s names tatted is the most common theme in couple tattoos. It is classic, straightforward, and expresses how much they love and care for each other. This tattoo theme will never go out of style.

Half and Half Tattoos

Many of us know that matching tattoos are a thing, but now half and half tattoos have become quite popular. What is a half and half tattoo? A person will have a half tattoo, and their partner will possess the other half, making it complete.

Wedding Dates

Getting tattoos based on their wedding dates or other significant dates has become a prevalent theme in couple tattoos. Especially, roman numbers look aesthetically stunning, and it is a great way to never forget your anniversaries.


After all, we only have words to express our feelings to our loved ones. Hence, getting your favorite love quotes or poetry is one of the popular couple tattoo themes. Just make sure to pick the best tattoo parlour in Chennai for accurate results.

Infinity Tattoo

In general, infinity tattoos are very famous, and the meaning behind this tattoo is eternity. It is a wonderful theme for couples to showcase their everlasting love for each other.

Sun and Moon

Sun and moon are celestial beings and balance out each other. Getting sun and moon tattoos in couples represents unity, balance, and spiritual connection.


Nowadays, people can get any kind of tattoo, even QR codes. So, heartbeat tattoos should not come as a surprise. It is a very meaningful and sacred way to show your appreciation to your partner.

If you are in search of an excellent tattoo shop in Chennai for couple tattoos, then reach out to Inkpulse for beautiful and precisely done tattoos.

How to Pick the Right Tattoo Artist? Here Are Some of the Tips

Getting a tattoo can be a vital decision for many people, but that excitement should not blind someone when choosing a tattoo artist. It is necessary to do your basic research before going all-in for your tattoo experience.

You might wonder what’s the big deal and just go to a nearby tattoo parlour in Chennai and get the work done. But one cannot expect decent results from this decision. Moreover, tattoos are permanent- once a tattoo is ruined, it is hectic and difficult to fix that blunder.

Hence, instead of rushing, it is better to sit down and research the best tattoo artists who can visualize your tattoo design ideas and deliver excellent results. At the end of the day, tattooing is a form of body art, and you need to find an artist best fit for your needs.

Now how to choose the right tattoo artists for you? Here are some of our tips that might help you decide!

Be Clear With Your Design Idea

Having clarity on what tattoo designs you want to get is beneficial in picking the right tattooist. If you need huge tattoo designs with intricate details and customizations, then choosing a well-experienced tattoo artist in your area might be the best choice.

Choose Certified Tattoo Artists

Tattoos are permanent and that is why it is vital to go for certified and professional tattoo artists instead of choosing random ones on a wimp. A licensed tattoo artist will adhere to all safety and hygiene precautions, making your tattoo experience comfortable and safe.

Check Out Portfolios

Several established tattoo artists in Chennai will have articulated a brief portfolio of their amazing tattoo works. Hence, make sure to dig on the internet and check out their portfolios before determining the one that caters to your design needs.

Safety and Hygiene

Obviously, safety and hygiene must be one of the top priorities while deciding on a tattoo artist. Tattoo art involves the usage of needles, coils, tattoo inks, and colored tattoo inks. Therefore, it is essential to choose a tattoo place that follows safety protocols and maintains standard hygiene.

Look Up Reviews

Asking your friends for an opinion is a good idea. But, do you know what’s a better idea? Looking up reviews from verified users on trustable and reputable platforms. Reading as many as user reviews will get you a clear-cut idea about the tattoo place.

Visit the Tattoo Studio If Possible

Visiting the tattoo studio in person is one of the best things you can do before deciding to get a tattoo. In this way, customers can know about the infrastructure, facilities, and standards of tattoo designs provided by the tattoo studio.

Deciding to get a tattoo meaningful to you is a euphoric decision. But it is also vital to pick the right artist for a comfortable and smooth tattoo experience. If you are looking for the best tattoo shop in Chennai, then reach out to Inkpulse for amazing tattoo art at affordable prices.

Top 7 Trending Wrist Tattoo Design for Girls

When you get a tattoo on your wrist, it is visible to everyone. It might be a reason why you need to be choosy in selecting a wrist tattoo design for girls. You’re going to see your wrist ample of times in the day and so it’s good to choose a tattoo that keeps you inspired. In the design options, you can find several choices like the name of someone special in your life or a tattoo that gives you strength. Check some options below:

  1. Angel cute wings tattoo:

Among the most stylish girl wrist tattoos, an angel wing is a stunning option. It is a symbolism-rich that reflects freedom. If you’re the one who loves to cherish beautiful things and moments in life, then it’s the best tattoo design.

  1. Princess crown:

Crown princess design is the best option for girls looking for power and royal designs for wrist tattoos. It represents luxury and makes you feel like the queen. One can understand different meanings from the crown tattoo and you can easily find several designs too.

  1. Butterfly design:

One of the most interesting tattoo designs for girls is a butterfly. If you’re stuck in finding a trending and mesmerizing tattoo design for your wrist, start searching for butterfly tattoos. You’ll fall in love with the butterflies as it looks beautiful on your wrist.

  1. Cross wrist tattoo:

Another great option for girls looking for a trending wrist tattoo is a cross design. The cross design reflects the sacrifice made by Jesus for the sake of goodness and humanity. One can associate cross tattoo with devotion and love.

  1. Bird design tattoo:

What’s best than something representing courage in your life? Well, birds represent identical characters. So, why not get your wrist inked with a beautiful bird. You can look for different colors to fill the tattoo or a black and white bird tattoo as per your preference.

  1. Tiny feather design:

Are you searching for a cute girlish wrist tattoo design? If so, then why not get a cute tiny feather tattoo inked on your wrist. If you’re the one who loves nature and is connected with birds, then a tiny feather is going to be the best tattoo on your wrist.

  1. Heart design tattoo:

Why not cherish the beautiful relations in your life with a heart wrist tattoo? It’s a symbol of passion and love showered in your life. You can get a heart tattoo to showcase your love towards someone or self-love too.

Where to get a professional tattoo artist?

The most important thing about getting a tattoo inked is finding a professional artist. For this purpose, Inkpulse is doing a great job. With a smooth process and professional experience, Inkpulse artists work best for tattoo designs.

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The best back neck tattoo ideas for Girls 2021

Are you thinking to get a back-neck tattoo? If so, then you might look for some amazing ideas that look perfect and beautiful for Girls. Finding the trendy tattoo for the back neck can also be a tough thing. Every girl wishes to get stunning tattoos with a beautiful look. If you’re stuck in finding the right tattoo for your back neck, then you’ve come across the best place. Check out some tattoo ideas that are trending the most for Girls in 2021 below.

  1. Quotes for your back neck:

Among the hot-picks, one of the popular ideas is getting a quote tattoo on your neck that reflects something motivational or meaningful in your life. It’s going to be a stunning idea suitable for girls who are thinking to get a tattoo on their back neck.

  1. Anchor and bow designed tattoo:

One of the most stylish tattoos for girls in 2021 is getting an anchor and bow tattoo on the neck upper side. If you want to hide it, you can do it easily with your hair. It’s the best pick for the ones who are exploring exciting tattoo designs.

  1. Butterfly design:

If you’re looking for tattoo designs that look stunning on your back neck, then a butterfly is going to be the best choice. The tattoo is a simple and elegant one suitable for girls. You can get a colorful butterfly on your back neck.

  1. Date in roman numerals:

Girls are always searching for the most trending tattoos and selecting one such tattoo becomes tough when looking for your back neck. If you’re also confused about the best tattoo ideas, think about a memorable day and get it tattooed in roman numerals.

  1. Star tattoo:

Are you the one who likes to get a cute mini tattoo? If you’re thinking to get a tattoo on your back neck, it’s best to select cute designs. One such option is getting a star tattoo on your neck.

  1. Barcode mini tattoo:

No doubt, getting a back-neck tattoo can be very painful when getting big tattoos. But if you want to avoid such a situation, then why not choose a mini barcode design for your back neck. It’s going to a suitable choice for girls looking for astonishing tattoo designs.

Where to get tattooed?

After selecting a tattoo as per your requirement, you need to look for the best tattoo artist. If you’re searching for professionals, then don’t miss to consult Inkpulse. We are among the top-ranked tattoo artists in Chennai. Get your desired tattoos in different styles by our experts. We use premium-quality ink and aim at providing the best customer experience. For a stunning tattoo and remarkable experience, don’t miss to contact us!

5 Inspiring tattoo themes only for men

Most men don’t find tattoos as a complicated thing. Some colorful inks look extremely eye-catching and embrace your temperament. Though, deciding to get the tattoo needle to go in your skin might not be that challenging than exploring what tattoo theme to choose and where to get it! If you don’t want to regret the theme you picked ahead in the upcoming years, it’s better to look after different themes beforehand. Herein, you can find some exciting tattoo themes only for men.

  1. Tribal theme:

As per different cultures, the tribal theme is available in different variations. In ancient times, tribes used to get symbols tattooed as a status in society. In most designs, detailed work is present with different patterns interpreting about a tribe. Most commonly, the tribal theme tattoos are perfect for arms and shoulders among men. The tribal theme reflects culture, traditions, masculinity, and symbolism. Interweaving and bold patterns reflect a cool look.

  1. Lettering theme:

In the lettering tattoo theme, you get basic designs and represent words that hold a vital meaning in your life. What’s unique about the theme is reflected in the font size and color you choose for your tattoo. You can find some options starting from the basic Arial to the fanatic ones such as Calligraphy. Men can get the best tattoos with a lettering theme that cuts directly out from the layers of metaphor and portray a significant meaning.

  1. Small or tiny theme:

If you’re getting the tattoo for the first time, it is best to start with the small or tiny tattoo theme. Start looking for the part wherein tattoo conceals easily and not that complicated to hide. Small designs are always tempting and appealing which makes them much popular among men. Inkpulse experts are well-trained in maintaining minute details in tiny tattoos.

  1. Portrait theme:

If you want to honor your dearest one in life, you get to do it by getting their portrait photo inked on your skin. It will keep the individual reminded of your love towards them. Though, getting the portrait theme tattoo demands excellent tattooing skills. If you choose a portrait theme, it is best to get it on your back, chest, or hand. If you’re looking for one such place for the perfect photo, Inkpulse is the best option. At Inkpulse, the experts focus on details and focus on portraying the exact image to make it look stunning.

  1. Animal theme:

Animal theme conveys a strong message and getting an animal’s theme that matches your personality is the best. Suppose, you want to showcase your strength so you can get the lion tattoo inked. Among men, it reflects certain characteristics such as decency, courage, and leadership. You can also find other options such as getting a wolf or elephant inked showing some unique trait that matches your personality.

Have you selected the best tattoo theme that matches your requirement? If yes, then why not proceed ahead to get the best tattoo design inked by Inkpulse experts.

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