Inkpulse is one of the best tattoo studios in Chennai and Coimbatore. We started our first tattoo shop in Coimbatore, which was loved and trusted by many. Eventually, we expanded our business to this dream city- “Chennai” as well.

Our tattoo studio has four experienced and passionate tattoo artists who choose this career to help people to express themselves better through tattoo art. Our tattoo artists are well-trained in all types of tattoo designs such as tribal, geometry, traditional, contemporary, abstract, neo-traditional, Japanese tattoo, blackwork, watercolor tattoos, and many more.

We specialize in customized tattoos. Our artists are fully capable of understanding your ideas/vision. And, transforming them into beautiful and neat tattoos. Our customers can easily approach our tattoo artists for consultations on personalized tattoos. We are here to assist our clients and help them get their dream tattoos.

At Inkpulse, we believe that tattoos are a form of expression. These designs represent something that words cannot do justice to. Whether you want to cover up your scar, want meaningful tattoos, or just want to try tattoos for fun, we understand the notion and emotion behind it. So, we have a personalized approach for each of our clients and aspire to deliver what they need.

We have immense experience in tattooing various clients. Due to our international standards, our tattoo shops in Chennai and Coimbatore become regular places for both local and foreign tattoo lovers. We have world-class tattoo equipment and skilled tattoo artists who do not shy away from a challenge.

At Inkpulse, we are very well aware that hygiene and cleanliness are a vital part of maintaining a tattoo studio. We are not only focused on keeping our studio clean but also on keeping our tattoo equipment and environment hygienic and spotless. We care about our customer’s well-being more than anything else. Therefore, we do our ultimate best to maintain a sanitary and comforting ambiance in our tattoo parlours in Coimbatore and Chennai.

Talking about comfort, we believe that tattooing is a complete experience and not just about poking a needle into your skin. Our studio has mastered the whole tattoo experience by providing a comfortable ambiance, friendly and polite staff, easy tattoo consultations, helpful and calming atmosphere for our customers. This makes us a great place for first-time tattoo clients as well.

As the best tattoo shop in Chennai, we put 100% into the work that we do. This has garnered several tattoo clients all over India. Our customers keep coming back and recommending us to their fellow tattoo enthusiasts. This way, we have the most marvelous and loyal customers who love our tattoo work and services.

We offer high-standard tattoo designs at an affordable price range. The price of our tattoos depends on many factors such as size, area, and intricacy of the tattoo designs. Our tattoo prices start from 2000 INR, but it depends on the individual needs of our customers. We want everyone to express their emotions through tattoos, and that is why we keep our prices really affordable. Along with tattoo services, Inkpulse also offers body piercing services in Chennai.

We have well-experienced and qualified artists who are experts in body piercing techniques. So, our customers will not get hurt or feel any immense pain. Just like tattoos, we maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness for the piercing services. This makes us the best tattoo studio in Coimbatore and Chennai that provides safe body piercing services.

At Inkpulse, we strive to constantly learn and unlearn things to put forward the best tattoo techniques and services to our customers. We keep up with the new trends and tattoo equipment to offer excellence to our clients. Hence, working with us will be a smooth and fun process because we actually listen to our customers.

Besides tattoo and piercing services, we provide the best tattoo course in Chennai and Coimbatore. We have tattoo artists who have mastered the art of tattooing and are willing to share that knowledge and wisdom with people who want to become certified tattoo artists. Our tattoo course includes an elaborate curriculum that teaches students in and out of tattoo art.

We established this tattoo studio in the hopes of providing an international standard tattoo experience to people in Chennai and Coimbatore. We have passionate and artistic individuals running this business to offer the best services to the customers. To know more about us, you can explore our website, call us, or visit us directly. We bring your tattoo ideas to life!