How to Heal and Take Care of Your New Tattoo?

Tattoos are a meaningful way for people to express themselves, and they look beautiful on people’s bodies. But, we need to address the fact that tattoos require needles to make a permanent design on the skin.

Also, We need to understand that tattooing is not drawing on the top layer of the skin. It requires needles to ink the tattoo under the skin, so it is permanent. If you are keen to get a tattoo, you need to focus on healing and protecting the tattoo as well.

Now, half of the problem is solved by choosing the right Tattoo Studio in Chennai that is well-experienced and provides an informative guide to heal and take care of your tattoo. Hence, choose wisely!

Why Taking Care Of Your Tattoo is Important?

We cannot directly compare tattooing to medical procedures, but they do have similarities. For instance, in medical procedures, people are required to take care and put effort to heal their body after stitches or even a major surgical procedure.

Likewise, people need to take care of their new tattoos to not get infected or blistered after the tattoo process. If proper care is not given, then it takes more time for your tattoo to heal, and get infected easily. But, the first step of tattoo care is going to the right tattoo artist in Chennai who is well-versed in what they are doing.

Some Tips for Tattoo After-Care

Here are some of the tips to follow to heal your tattoo faster.

Tattoo Care in the First 24 Hours

The first 24 hours can be crucial for your tattoo care and for it to recover faster. Your professional tattoo artist will guide you in the right direction so, make sure to listen to them as all tattoos are different, and they might have more insights about it.

The tattoo artist will probably tie a plastic wrap around your tattoo. Now, you make sure to ask them when it’s ok to remove it. It is usually best to remove them after 2 hours.

Now after gently removing, wash with gentle soap, and apply alcohol-free and fragrance-free moisturizer. It is best to get a moisturizer/ointment recommendation from your tattooist, or else vaseline works fine.

General Tattoo After-Care Tips

Never Touch Your Tattoo With Unclean Hands

Our hands have been everywhere, and they carry bacteria if not properly washed. Hence, often touching your tattoos or allowing other people to touch your tattoos without washing hands can cause infections.

Wash Tattoo 2-4 Time a Day

It is best to wash your tattoo with gentle, and anti-bacterial soaps 2-4 times a day and pat dry gently with a clean towel.

Applying Ointment

It is significant to pick the best tattoo parlour in Chennai that will guide you properly on your after-care journey, like recommending moisturizers, ointments, and other after-care tips. If you are not applying an ointment you might have the urge to scratch the itch, which might damage your skin and cause infection.

Now after a few days, the tattooed skin gets better, and it is time to water down the routine and allow your tattoo to heal naturally. If you are facing problems even after all the after-care, it is highly recommended to consult your tattoo artist or visit the doctor if anything worsens.

These are some of the primary tattoo after-care tips to be followed for healthy healing. If you are looking for the best Tatto Artist in Chennai, then choose Inkpulse for the best tattoo experience.

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