How to come up with original tattoo ideas for yourself?

A common dilemma for a tattoo is- what tattoo design you chose? How did you find the perfect tattoo idea? Why you’re not able to find a suitable idea and others give stunning ideas? A tattoo is more about passion and sole love for art. Not everybody is sailing in the same line and it even takes years to be proficient in such skills.

If you’re looking for the best tattoo for yourself, don’t be sad as you can learn some points to get a unique idea from here. 

Some tips to get stunning tattoo ideas:

● Go for extensive research.

● Find out the reason behind your tattoo!

● Be peculiar with what you want to represent with your tattoo!

● Sprinkle some of your personality traits.

● Consult with the artist.

Discovering original tattoo ideas:

Does it give you a daunting feel? Well, it’s not that much daunting! You have a unique personality and so everyone does have it! What we like and love might not be similar to everyone. 

You can consider using your personality to carve out a great idea. It will give you an original idea matching your traits. 

●     What is the purpose behind your tattoo?

Not everyone would find a deep meaning behind why you’re getting a tattoo. Some might want it for a beautiful look and that’s perfect! Whatever your reason is, it’s good and gives you a guiding point in finding a perfect design. 

●     What your tattoo symbolizes?

It’s something different for everyone and it helps in coming up with original ideas. You might want your tattoo to represent some meaning. What personal motive does your tattoo carry? Sometimes, you might feel good to go with a metaphorical theme than a literal one. 

●     Where do you want a tattoo? 

With the tattoo’s location, you’ll search answers for- who do you want to show your tattoo? Some might go for tattooing as a decorative element so you would like everyone to look at it. Some might think of getting their partner’s name tattooed so would like to make it private. 

●     What tattoo style do you choose?

With your preferred tattoo style, it reflects your persona. Some keep tattoo styles in detail and some like it vibrant. Research and stretch out your design in a rough sheet and enhance the design by discussing it with your artist. Sounds great right! 

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Unknown 8 myths about Tattoos

In my experience of 10 years of tattooing, following are some of the common doubts that clients have asked me over the years repeatedly. Hence, I am taking this opportunity to clear these doubts / MYTHS through our first blog from Inkpulse. Tattooing is an old practice of art that is liked by almost every age group. When planning to get a tattoo or curious to clear some myths about tattoos, continue reading ahead:

  1. A tattoo healing is quick with an excess application of ointment:

In fact, applying a lot of ointment to a tattoo can cause bubbling at the surface of the tattoo and complicate the healing procedure because the skin can’t breathe due to too much of ointment on the area. Also, if you keep your tattoo too dry that can cause the skin to crack. So, there needs to be a medium application of ointment rather not too much not too less. Kindly check with your tattoo artist in Chennai on the aftercare.

2. Tattoo colors fade away in a chlorinated water pool:

After getting a tattoo, you are not supposed to expose your tattoo to chlorine water for the first 4 weeks ( eg swimming pool ). The effect of chlorine water is negligible to nothing after 4 weeks, Chlorine can’t enter into the skin layers as a needle goes inside the skin. Therefore, it won’t result in fading away from the tattoo colors or making them leak in chlorinated water. No doubt, it won’t be a good thing to swim in a pool with a tattoo not healed.

3. Tattoo outcome won’t diminish with the peeling away of a tattoo when healing:

When you peel or scratch away a tattoo in the healing phase, it can result in permanent pigmentation loss on that part. Safer aftercare procedure would be to allow the scabs to fall off by itself.

4. Tattooed people can’t donate blood:

Get the tattoo from a professional artist. If possible check their hygiene and safety procedure by visiting the studio once before getting your tattoo done..If you’re getting a tattoo from a well-known place that relies upon sterilization methods or usage disposable needles, one can go for blood donation at the very moment. If the tattoo you got was not done by professional and you have doubts about their hygiene safety, one should wait for 6 months after getting a tattoo to donate blood.

5. Aspirin or alcohol can help in reducing pain from getting a tattoo inked:

Usually, aspirin and alcohol come in the category of “blood thinners.” So, it can result in excess bleeding when getting a tattoo if you intake any of these. Best practice would be to avoid alcohol consumption 24 hours before and after getting a tattoo done.

6. Tattoo loses its form when the body goes through a transformation:

Losing or gaining weight is a huge body transformation. If your tattoo is not too detailed to begin with, losing weight will not change the look of your tattoo. Though, lines that run too closely together could blend and cause a distorted image that too a bit, but this is a very rare occurrence.

Similarly, weight gain also causes minimal changes in each body area. The only problem with weight gain, however, is the possibility of stretch marks. If you get stretch marks in the area of your tattoo, then it will spoil your ink. And if the stretch marks are deeper than the damage will be more – and it is irreversible.

7. The lighter colors hurt more than darker ones:

In general, having a tattoo does hurt no matter what part of your body you’re going to have it. The pain factor also varies because each of us has a different pain tolerance. Usually, the lighter colors are put on at the last part and that is the time when skin is very tender, so some would consider the lighter colors as the most painful ones. With proper tattoo aftercare, both your dark and light color ink will resist fading..

8. One can get skin allergy and blood poisoning with tattoo.

This is just a general mindset which people usually have that getting a tattoo can lead to skin allergies. There is nothing like that. If you get your tattoo done from the right artist and in the right hygienic conditions, it doesn’t create any problem.

After clearing some mythsabout tattoos, one might feel excited to get a tattoo. But it is essential to rely upon a talented and professional team. When looking for a great tattoo team, Inkpulse is the best option. It is among the biggest tattoo parlors in Chennai with positive customer reviews. We are skilled and experienced tattoo artists team serving all types of requirements for customers. We also served several international clients with the consideration of quality standards and safety norms.