Top 7 Trending Wrist Tattoo Design for Girls

When you get a tattoo on your wrist, it is visible to everyone. It might be a reason why you need to be choosy in selecting a wrist tattoo design for girls. You’re going to see your wrist ample of times in the day and so it’s good to choose a tattoo that keeps you inspired. In the design options, you can find several choices like the name of someone special in your life or a tattoo that gives you strength. Check some options below:

  1. Angel cute wings tattoo:

Among the most stylish girl wrist tattoos, an angel wing is a stunning option. It is a symbolism-rich that reflects freedom. If you’re the one who loves to cherish beautiful things and moments in life, then it’s the best tattoo design.

  1. Princess crown:

Crown princess design is the best option for girls looking for power and royal designs for wrist tattoos. It represents luxury and makes you feel like the queen. One can understand different meanings from the crown tattoo and you can easily find several designs too.

  1. Butterfly design:

One of the most interesting tattoo designs for girls is a butterfly. If you’re stuck in finding a trending and mesmerizing tattoo design for your wrist, start searching for butterfly tattoos. You’ll fall in love with the butterflies as it looks beautiful on your wrist.

  1. Cross wrist tattoo:

Another great option for girls looking for a trending wrist tattoo is a cross design. The cross design reflects the sacrifice made by Jesus for the sake of goodness and humanity. One can associate cross tattoo with devotion and love.

  1. Bird design tattoo:

What’s best than something representing courage in your life? Well, birds represent identical characters. So, why not get your wrist inked with a beautiful bird. You can look for different colors to fill the tattoo or a black and white bird tattoo as per your preference.

  1. Tiny feather design:

Are you searching for a cute girlish wrist tattoo design? If so, then why not get a cute tiny feather tattoo inked on your wrist. If you’re the one who loves nature and is connected with birds, then a tiny feather is going to be the best tattoo on your wrist.

  1. Heart design tattoo:

Why not cherish the beautiful relations in your life with a heart wrist tattoo? It’s a symbol of passion and love showered in your life. You can get a heart tattoo to showcase your love towards someone or self-love too.

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